Crafty Fabric Giveaway

pumpkin patch giveaway

I thought I would share with people this rather tempting giveaway that I found on the Pumpkin Patch blog. Two lucky winners will win a rather lovely set of 27 fat quarters, whilst another will win a $100 voucher to her lovely shop full of stunning fabric and luxury crafting goodies. Not bad eh?! This is especially perfect for some of our members who don’t yet have much fabric but want to start building a collection.

To enter you have to write a post about it – it is the chance to win fabrics in exchange for bloggy publicity! Go here to get involved.

2 responses to “Crafty Fabric Giveaway

  1. What a wonderful giveaway, it’s hard to believe. But I do not have a blog but I read blogs all the time: sewing, quilting, fabric and anything related. I’m so impressed by the wonderfully worded tutorials that I have found on so many blogs.
    Don’t we all love to have new fabric? Many of us can’t afford to buy much fabric, so I keep even the tiniest scraps and enjoy using them for small projects like free style pieced pincushions. I’m even saving my selvages now-for bookmarks, pincushions and someday to make a tote bag.
    I’ll subscribe to your feed right now.
    Kathleen C.

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