Felt Fanatic

I have a confession.  I have a felt obsession.  I believe I can date it from a very early age at the height of the oh-so-80’s Fuzzy Felt fad. For those not in the loop, these were pre-cut figures of felt that you used to create your own scenes on a piece of slightly velcro-y board.  I suffered great mental torment during this time as I was not allowed a set, I was incredibly deprived (don’t even get me stared on the Mr Frosty debacle!).  I was therefore left to satisfy my addiction through the well used Fuzzy Felts at school which were missing very crucial pieces and no longer stuck to the board!

Imagine my further distress when in giving a Fuzzy Felt present at a class mate’s birthday, she rejected it as “Boring,” and made me take it back home with me! My moment of jubilation at thinking this now belonged to me was cruelly destroyed when my Mum returned it to the shop for a refund! Traumatized was not the word.

This has lasted long into my adult years. So surprise, surprise, when we recently met for the Sew Make Believe Rag Market trip, my prize purchase was indeed fabulous festive felt!  Being a little low on cash at the moment, I have decided to try and make as many Christmas presents as possible, so bought some red and green felt.  I was rather over excited! I could have quite happily bought up the whole stall!!  I felt I was very reserved at limiting myself to only a metre.

I have started making some Christmas decorations using the felt including these Christmas tree danglers:

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree . . ."

"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree . . ."

And these star danglers.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

However, being a mature individual nowadays I did allow myself to branch out to buy other festive fabric.  I chose from the Fancy Silk Store, this lovely star studded fabric which I have sadly also sewn onto felt!

This particular dangler is not only filled with stuffing but with a homemade mix of Christmas scented ingredients (dried sage from my own garden, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange flowers) to give someone’s home that festive fragrance.

Large Scented Star Dangler

Large Scented Star Dangler

However, even though the felt was my supposed sole purchase for the trip, a switch was triggered.  Ribbon roll ends of red, gold and green were also bought to trim these homemade tea cup candles.

Nattynicnac's Homemade Tea Cup Candle

Nattynicnac's Homemade Tea Cup Candle

My family may hate my homemade goodies this year, but at least I am branching out.  I feel that in buying other haberdasher goods I have begun the slow recovery from my obsession. It may be being replaced with a Christmas addiction, but help is on its way.


5 responses to “Felt Fanatic

  1. Oh I loved Fuzzy Felt, it was awesome stuff. I love the danglies and the teacup is fab – may definitely be inspired by you there. I have always wanted to make my own candles, and what better inspiration than Christmas?

  2. Why thank you very much! I hope I have passed on a little inspiration from my Christmas addiction! Heehee! The candles are so easy – I started making them after watching Kirsty’s Homemade Homes. Theres a really good internet supplier that seems to be reasonable. I think it’s candlesontheweb.co.uk or something very similar. I always google it, so it’s got to be easy to find!

    Have fun with you Christmas crafts!


  3. Bless your buttons, I had no idea you were so deprived as a child – thank you for insight into the wonder that is Natalie! 😀 I’ll keep my eye out for some good pieces, any particular colours? Cxx

  4. I loved Fuzzy Felts (I think I got this from my mum since she is still a but nutso for felt!). I found some adorable felt butterflies and leaves online which would be great for adorning a decoration or toy or even for making cards. I must start using them!

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