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sew make believe was a Warwickshire-based club established in June 2009 by two bloggers, Caroline and Kate. We met via Twitter and soon realised that we have in common a love of books, sewing and craft, amongst a ton of other things! We decided to set up a club for those in the Warwickshire area to get together fortnightly, share skills and make friends, craft, chat, eat cake and generally enjoy ourselves.

Zoë came on board in 2010 and has now joined us as an Organiser. Zoe is a prolific crafter who puts us all to shame with both the quantity and quality of her crafting. She has set up her own vintage online store, The Granny Square.

Sadly our club will close at the end of 2013 so we will not be holding regular meetings after that. However, if you like our Facebook page, we will keep you informed of any ad hoc meetings that take place in 2014.

Contact us:

Email: sewmakebelieve [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: twitter.com/sewmakebelieve
acebook: facebook.com/sewmakebelieve

20 responses to “About Us

  1. Hiya, I’m intrigued by both the sewing and the book club. Caroline says you might be reading the time traveller’s wife first – a friend recommended it to me and it is mind-bogglingly awesome! Anyways, I’ve never participated in anything like this before so please excuse any idiocy on my part! Cxx

  2. Well hello lovely ladies! I must say your blog is looking particularly fantastic and what a wonderful idea. Alas for living nowhere near you (as I would have been an avid participant in the cake aspect of things) so a virtual member I shall have to be – if you’ll have me!

    Absolutely loving your banner by the way!

    A x

    • Hey Amy!

      We would be delighted to have you as one of our online members! Please send me an avatar pic (minimum size 140 x 140) – email it to sewmakebelieve [at] googlemail [dot] com so I can add you to our (soon to be published) member’s page!

      I’m glad you like the banner! 🙂

      • Banner’s brilliant isn’t it!

        Good to have you onboard Amy – especially as you have some tip top sewing skills we might have to pick your brains for!

        This is going to be so very exciting!


  3. Dear Kate, Caroline and Lauren

    I have just come across your site and am very impressed at your idea of a sewing club and book club combined. It seems to be gathering pace which must be very exciting for you.

    I am a freelance writer with an interest in sewing amongst other things. I have recently had a feature published about the Southam Embroideries in a new sewing magazine called Sew Hip.

    I am looking to submit more sewing related features and wondered if you would be willing to share your story about starting the Sew Make Believe group.

    I would be so grateful if you would drop me an email to say whether or not you would be interested.

    Best Wishes

  4. Hello there, Kate and Caroline,

    I have just read about you in “Sew Hip” and my heart nearly stopped. I am new to Warwickshire (I moved to Stratford-upon-Avon six months ago.)and I have been looking for a sewing group simce moving. I belonged to an embroidery group in Dorset and am passionate about all things to do with textiles. I would really appreciate meeting up with like-minded crafters and readers.

    Sadly, I can see from everyone’s photos that I am older than all of your members. Would this prohibit me from joining your group? I would understand if this were the case. Please, please .e-mail me if I stand a chance of joining.

    Kind regards

  5. It was through Fiona at the Sewing Directory that sew make believe came to my attention recently. I work form home doing clothing alterations and repairs as a small business and am always making something for myself!

    It is wonderful to see such a fantastic explosion of interest in stitchery of all kinds. My life of stitchery began a very long time ago and has always been a huge part of my world. And a group in Leamington is great as I only live less than 15 miles away. Hopefully I will be able to make to a meeting but life is pretty busy.

    Let the group go from strength to strength and spread the word about the world of fabric and thread.


    Stitching Stripes

    • Hi Carol, thank you for your lovely comment. We would love to have you if you can find the time to make it to one of our meetings. x

  6. just checked your site out as you are now following me on twitter. Its great. I have just started my business teaching others to sew, I am based in coventry and teach around warwickshire area and as far as cheltenham. I have classes running at my workshop on tues and wed evening and am looking to try and expand this further. We too have a get together, chat, cake, and learn to sew at same time. I also design and make besopke bridal wear, corsets, prom dresses and communion dresses. I have just got two of my corsets on display in Goldstraws, The high Street,Warwick till the end of june. jsut pop along and go upstairs. Tessa is lovely and she owns the lovely crafty shop. I think you will like it very much. I would be intrested in meeting up and get to know like minded crafty people.

  7. Hey! I met Caroline at a pub meet of my Boyfriend and his friends. I love craft, and make my own jewelry and sew. I also have an adoration of literature and books that can only be called obsessive. lol. My name is Abby, and although I’ll be a bit away in Essex, my boyfriend will be living in the area so I should be around at some point. I’d love to know what everyone is doing, so I can meet up at some point. I love meeting crafty people!

  8. Hiya,

    Your club sounds great and I’m interested in joining if you can take on any new members? I live in warwick so would like to come along to the workshop etc. I love all crafts but particularly textile based crafts with machine sewing being my favourite though crochet in front of Downton Abbey comes a close second!

    I look forward to hearing from you and maybe coming along to your next meeting,


    • Hi Amy!

      Ah yes, I can appreciate the crochet in front of Downton Abbey – a favourite way to spend Sunday evenings!

      We’d love to have you come along to the meetings! Visit http://www.meetup.com/SewMakeBelieve/ if you’d like to sign up for the club, and we’ll send you an intro email with a few more details.

      Looking forward to meeting you!

  9. Hi I love to sew. I am still learning. I made a quilt with a friend of mine last year of our friends wedding present and it was great fun. id like to learn to make dresses. I have lots of fabric that i have bought but i havent had the confience to make anything yet. To join a club with local people would be great!

  10. hi

    all sounds fab to me, i started to sew a long time ago and when i can i pick up a needle and cotton, during my time i have made my own clothes, cushions, soft toys, curtains, etc. As a teen I first started by making a teddy out of a pair of old trousers, and just went from there. At one point did have a small stall selling at village fetes which was fun. Now inspired to get some fabric and get back sewing!
    I love all types of fabric buttons trimmings and have saved loads over the years.Glad to see others who are younger keen to get out the needle and thread.
    Love all crafts and hand made stuff.
    Best wishes

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