Shoeboxes and sock toy workshop

Rotary Shoeboxes


As some of our members will know, we are going to be participating in the Rotary Shoebox scheme where we will be filling shoeboxes provided by Rotary with various goodies, after which the shoeboxes will be distributed to Eastern Europe to some deserving recipients.  Our next meeting on 4th November will include a sock toy workshop, followed by as much shoebox decorating and / or filling as we have time or the inclination to do!

In case people want to be prepared before the meetup, please find below the instructions for filling the boxes:

  • Please do not include anything edible.
  • Do not wrap but feel free to decorate the sides with felt tips or crayons.
  • There are three types of box to choose from (circle the letter of the lid to indicate the contents in the box and please do not mix the contents):

T = TOYS (indicate age and gender)
TE = TEENAGE (indicate age + gender)

  • Suggested items:

TOYS: Matchbox type cars, small bouncy balls, yo-yos, dolls, colouring books, crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils, notebooks, jigsaws, Lego (No chocolate or sweets in toy boxes, no war related toys or toys that need batteries)

TEENAGE: Make-up, toiletries, sports-wear, hats, gloves, scarves, comb and mirror, writing materials etc

HOUSEHOLD: washing powder, fairly liquid, hand soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, disinfectant, letter paper and envelopes, ball point pens etc (by adding warm gloves or scarf, the box is suitable for older person)

  • A minimum £1 donation for transport is requested for each box.  This may be done by taping the coins to the outside of the lid of the box.

If we do not have time to get to the boxes next Wednesday, you will be able to take your box away and bring it to the next meeting (or drop it off at my house if you can’t make the meeting).

Sock Toy Workshop


The material requirements for the sock toys are included on the meetup event but for ease of reference, I have included them here also:

  • 1 x pair of stripey socks for a zebra, or whatever socks you fancy if you’d rather make a cat or teddy bear. Caroline used little girls’ socks for the cuteness and size – bigger socks will mean a bigger teddy!
  • Toy stuffing (I have a huge bag of this so only buy some if you know you will want to make more!)
  • Pins, needles and thread to match the socks
  • Threads for embroidery or buttons/beads for features – eyes, noses, mouths, general adornments…
  • Scissors

Finally, our meetup venue will be announced later this week once it has been agreed.  Keep an eye on this, Facebook or Twitter for the latest Sew Make Believe news!


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