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At the sew make believe blog, we welcome submissions and guest posts from members and readers alike. If you’d like to write for us our guidelines are simple.

We’re looking for posts on topics including:

  1. Tutorials. We’re all about skill-sharing, so if you’ve a particular skill you can share, write us a post about it! Check out some of our existing tutorials for style tips.
  2. “How to” posts. If you can provide quick and simple beginner’s guides to craft-related tricks – things like embroidery stitches, appliqué, how to cast on, how to dart a dress, how to insert a zip… anything from the most basic to the most advanced techniques, we’d love to publish you. Our members all have their own talents, and someone who’s an expert in embroidery may well be a complete novice with the knitting needles. Share your expertise with the rest of the group!
  3. Things you’ve made. It’s always a proud moment when a project finally comes to fruition, especially if there are fellow crafters about to appreciate what you’ve done! Show us what you can do – and have done – and don’t feel you have to tell us how…
  4. Inspiration posts. If you see something, be it an existing item, a mass-produced product, a blog, a photograph or even a shop window display that inspires you, let us know!
  5. Experiences. “How I got into crafting” posts can be equally inspiring as inspiration posts! And it’s always a joy to read other people’s stories!
  6. Up-coming events. If you’ve seen an event advertised that you think our readers would appreciate, be it a craft fair, an exhibition, a workshop, a giveaway or competition, or just related to vintage, interiors of fashion, let us know. If you’re advertising an event you’d like us to promote please drop us an email.

Why contribute?
One of our distance members, Natalie Crawford, is a regular contributor to the blog despite rarely being able to attend meetings:

Contributing to sew make believe gives me a connection to a world I enjoy. I love crafting and sewing but I don’t have a local social network from which I can learn. Being somewhat of a novice I like to be able to pick the brains of those more experienced. Writing posts for the blog not only allows me to do this, but it also allows me to share my own sewing experiences; to get feedback and inspiration from others. I finally feel connected to a community and a world of inspiration. The ladies at sew make believe are so welcoming and warm and have done a remarkable job with the club thus far. I would love to be a regular attendee of meetings etc but even just as an online member, I feel part of the group. Writing for the blog is an amazing way in which to cement these friendships, learn from each other and contribute to the ever increasing sphere of sew make believe.

The brief:
Blog posts tend to be a minimum of 300 and maximum of 1000 words, with an ideal length of approx 600. Inspiration posts, however, are usually shorter in word length and heavy in images. We appreciate images to accompany posts wherever possible (ideally minimum 200/maximum 500 pixels wide in jpeg format).

How to submit:
There are two ways you can submit to the blog:

  1. Several of our members are regular contributors as well as being wordpress users, and therefore have a wordpress login for the sew make believe blog. We are careful never to publish our own work – we write, save the draft, and email one another to ensure a fresh pair of eyes runs over for spell-check before it goes live. This is something we only really extend to active members or regular contributors.
  2. You can email your content to us within the body of the email or in word doc format with accompanying images. We can then upload to the blog and will obviously flag it as a guest post and link back to your own website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get scribbling!

Download the  guidelines: blog submissions


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  2. Can I send you old greeting cards to recycle or re use or make into new ones? I yes, please provide me with an address.



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