Magazine Review: Homemaker



Back in June, Homemaker kindly featured sew make believe in their ‘Voices from the Blogsphere’ column which made me sit up and take notice of this magazine which had hitherto escaped my notice. Homemaker is filled with craft ideas for the home including stitching, interiors, baking, knitting, crochet and tons more. I love it because it is visually very appealing – their aesthetic definitely matches mine. However, it is not just pretty to look at. The articles are varied and interesting, delivering insight into crafters and designers as well as providing endless inspiration.


If you are into papercraft, they regularly give away free prints in a separate mini magazine which would be fantastic for scrapbookers or card makers.  The latest issue has some gorgeous Christmas paper bunting to make.   Their blog is worth checking out too since it is crammed with ideas, projects and cool crafty things they find around the internet. I have added the blog to our Cool Craft Blog list so you can find the link the in sidebar.


Please note: This review has not been sponsored by Homemaker. I just really like the magazine!

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