Closing the Club


It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we will be closing the club as we know it at the end of this year. It has not proven to be financially viable to keep the regular meetups going and since the club started, the Organisers have found themselves in new situations in life; Zoe is juggling two jobs, Caroline has her beautiful twin boys to keep her busy and I have changed career to be a teacher which means a lot of planning and marking and not much time left for crafting.

It has been so wonderful to get to know all our regular members and I thank you all for all the fun times. I especially want to thank those who have done so much for the club including writing for the blog and running workshops.

We will keep the Facebook page running so that people can get in touch with past members and set up their own meetings if they so wish. I may well set up the odd meeting when I find the time as I would dearly love to stay in touch with the ladies who crafted, drank tea and made Wednesday nights fun.

I will forever be grateful for finding such great friends, including but in no way limited to my co-Organisers Caroline and Zoë. We will keep the blog going to so make sure you subscribe, comment and keep the craft love coming. The book club will continue online so check Facebook for the date which will be announced in due course and we can try some live tweeting or commenting… not sure how it will work yet!

Hasta la vista, sew make believers!

Kate xxx

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