Katharine: Freedom From Knitting Patterns


I‘ve always loved knitting. The way you can take balls of yarn and sculpt it into a garment: It seems to offer such freedom if you can get away from needing a pattern. A few years ago I made my first attempts at creating garments of my own. After two ‘ok’ jumpers I made the blue cardigan as I hadn’t been able to find a co-ordinating cover-up for the dress. I can’t claim credit for the lace pattern but I had fun creating the ruffles in a rather make it up as I go along fashion. Of course this fun isn’t without its nerve-wracking moments and sometimes it feels more like luck that it turned out so well. Recently my desire to go pattern free was reignited when I acquired two inspiring books (Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden and an e book from sweater101.com.) So with some desirable, but reduced price yarn, and a more methodical approach I created the other two garments. The process taught me some excellent techniques so that I got a great fit and a desire to be brave once more.



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