Caroline: Baby Sun Hats

I tend to think a lot of baby products are over-priced. Take for example the simple sunhat. An absolute necessity for a baby, but even cheapies come in around the £5 marker.

I have been given a lot of second hand baby gros, many of which I have loved, used, washed and handed on to my S-I-L for her 6 week old son. But some, having been pre-loved when they arrived and used and washed by myself several times too, have come out a little bobbled, a little faded, a little too well-used to be handed on further. These I cannot bring myself to throw away, but are starting to rather over-balance my stash…

So, I picked a few out in similar colours and attempted to turn them into a sun hat for my boys. My inspiration came courtesy of the Jojo Maman Bebe catalogue, but I could not find a similar pattern online, so devised my own…


My first attempt came up on the large side, so I narrowed some of the segments and altered the pattern for the second hat. The result was quite pleasing – or at least, the boys certainly thought so!




You can see more pictures on the project page and at the original post over at my blog, Second Hand Shopper.


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