Review: Berylune Crochet Workshop

I started to crochet about 3 years ago and since then I have made many granny squares, blankets and a few other mostly flat things. I really wanted to try amigurumi, but always had trouble following the patterns and they seemed very complicated. I decided to attended a workshop at Berylune to make an amigurmi octopus. I am so glad that I did, Denise is a brilliant teacher, very clear in her instructions and patient with you if you don’t get it straight away.


I was so pleased to be able to make a cute pink octopus, and even had time to add a little flower. I also got to eat lots of homemade cake, drink tea and enjoy chatting with the other people at the workshop.

I came away feeling that I knew a lot more about crochet technique in general and this will hopefully improve all my crochet projects. I am planning on practising my amigurumi skills and will probably make lots more octopi.

I would highly recommend attending one of Denise’s workshops if you want to learn to crochet or improve your skills. There are a range of workshops from a beginners introduction to the more advanced amigurumi that I attended. If you want to try crochet you can get £5 off any workshop at Berylune with code LITBOOK5 until 30th June 2013.


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