Zoe W: Door Numbers

I moved a couple of months ago and, despite a number on the door and a name plate on the house, deliveries and visitors still have trouble finding us. So one Sunday afternoon I had an idea of how to increase our odds of being found using the fanlight in our door.

photo (7)

I bought a roll of window film from a DIY shop. It comes in two types, self-adhesive or cling, and quite a few different designs. I went for self-adhesive this time, in a plain speckle.

Using newspaper I made a template for each pane, and cut the shape out of the film. Made sure you think each one through, as it will need to stick on the glass the right way around.

photo (8)

Next I printed out the numbers I liked, cut them out so I could work out the position I wanted them in and used them as a template to cut the shapes out of the film. Again, think really carefully which way round they will need to be!

photo (9)

I cleaned the glass, and carefully stuck them to the window. I was really pleased with the effect, and it has honestly worked well with callers.

This is how it looks from the outside,

photo (10)

and from the inside.

photo (11)

Something I didn’t consider is that the sun shines through them and the numbers move across the wall, which I find charming.


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