Good for the Soul


I have just written on my own blog about how my relationship with craft has changed since I have started my teacher training. Before, it was a fun past-time, it was a diversion and a creative outlet. It was an excuse to get together with friends and natter, eating homemade yummy cakes. It was a luxury, not a necessity.

Now that the only crafting I manage to do is done at our sew make believe meetings, it has become much more important. It is an enforced two hours-a-fortnight of relaxation. It is a much-needed break from thinking about lesson plans and reflective practice. So when I saw this pincushion ring by Wychbury just after writing my post yesterday, it spoke to me! You can buy one at Folksy or Etsy. Wychbury also have a blog you can read.


2 responses to “Good for the Soul

  1. Quite a change in life style isn’t it?! I really want to come to a meeting but everytime I put it in my diary another deadline gets added / I’m unconscious on the sofa! Hope your course is going really well, we’re nearly done- sort of! Hope to actually make it to a meeting soon x

    • It really is. Despite all the warnings, I didn’t really get how much it would change everything! Still, not long to go! Hope to see you soon.

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