Zoë: Larksfoot Blanket

I have started working on another new crochet blanket project, this time I am trying the larksfoot blanket from Pip over on Meet Me at Mike’s.

My first attempt at this blanket didn’t go quite as I expected, I had trouble making a it big enough for an adult and turned my first attempt into a baby blanket it was that small. I added some rows of double crochet to make it slightly larger and I really like the effect of this edging.

photo 1

I tried the blanket again, with a much longer foundation chain, and now have a good adult sized blanket in progress.

larksfoot blanket

If you want to try this blanket yourself Pip’s instructions are really clear, but I would say be prepared to start again if your blanket isn’t as wide as you want. I also had trouble with my foundation chain ending up really frilly. In the end I used a hook two sizes smaller than I used for the rest of the blanket and tried to keep my chain tight, this has improved the edge, but it is still a little frilly.



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