Katharine: Basting Glue

This post was written by Katharine

I often sew to unwind and for that reason I enjoy some of the more mundane tasks that let me drift away to the radio. For that reason I was rather looking forward to tacking ribbon onto my napkin rings. For one thing it would avert all risk of wonky ribbon.

However it was with only a little disappointment that I remembered my ‘basting glue’. Within minutes I had glued the ribbon in place and was ready to sew.


Basting glue is used like an ordinary glue stick. It temporarily secures fabric, and it washes out and dries clear so there’s no problem if you make a positioning error. You do have to be careful in handling some articles as I found ric-rac could peel off on the way to the sewing machine.


I discovered the glue at the Festival of Quilts. A lady used it in delicate hand appliqué as an alternative to fusible webbing that would ruin the drape of her fabric. I have also found it wonderful for tacking up hems. The only time it wasn’t appropriate was when I used it to secure dots for machine appliqué onto a ‘Mr Tumble’ bag. I ended up with air bubbles under the dots so I reverted to fusible webbing.

dot bag

So as my final word, I repeat that well used phrase: test a sample first!

Placemats and napkin rings were adapted from Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy. If you want to try this glue you can buy it from The Cotton Patch.


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