Zoë: Christmas Cushion

The gift I decided to make for our Secret Santa Swap this year was a hexagon patchwork Christmas cushion. I thought it would be nice to end the year with another hexagon project! I made large hexagons in a variety of Christmas fabrics that I had in my stash.


I made fourteen hexagons, seven for each side and stitched them on to papers. I then made them into two large seven hexagon ‘flowers’.


I stitched the two big flowers together with the right sides facing, leaving one hexagon open so I could turn it out the right way. When I had the two pieces stitched together I ironed it before removing the paper pieces.

I turned the cushion the right way out, making sure that the corners were pushed out properly. I stuffed the cushion lightly, if you make it too firm it starts to lose its shape. When the cushion was stuffed enough I stitched the final sides closed.






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