Book Review: Mollie Makes Christmas

 This review was written by Zoë S 

Book Title: Mollie Makes Christmas

Mark out of ten: 8

What is it in particular that you like about this book?

This is the first book from Mollie Makes and the projects have the same feel as those in the magazine, which I love. I like the way the book is presented and there are some nice ideas to make.  The variety of projects makes it a good book for Christmas so you can make a wide range of different decorations and gifts. There are projects covering crochet, knitting, sewing, papercrafts and felting.

Would you say this was a suitable book for novices, or do you need some prior knowledge to really enjoy the projects on offer?

The variety of projects means that it is good for crafters of all levels, everyone should be able to find something they can make.

Have you completed any of the projects? If so, how simple were they to follow? Did you encounter any difficulties? Were the instructions clear and intuitive?

I haven’t made any of the projects yet, but I am planning to make some when I finish work for the Christmas holiday.

Did this book inspire you create your own designs?

Yes, this is very much the sort of book that I look at for inspiration rather than just to make the items featured. There are some nice motifs you could use on other projects.



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