Zoë: Halloween Decorations

I wanted to make some Halloween decorations that were more grownup than lots of bright orange and foods shaped like body parts. I also wanted to make use of items that I already own. I looked online and found a couple of decorations based on using just black from Country Living and was inspired to make my own.

I bought some black bead bracelets in a charity shop and put them around the bottom of a shot glass with a tea light inside. A plain glass might work better, but I don’t seem to have any without patterns!


I also used the beads round the bottom of a sundae glass filled with Halloween coloured sweets.

My favourite decoration is a glass cake stand with an orange candle in the middle and the rest of the stand covered with black buttons. I used the beads again around the bottom of the candle to help it stand up. I would have preferred a black candle, but I was unable to find any in time.


I tried some black crepe paper roses, you can find the instructions here. These roses were quick to make although some turned out better than others!


I really enjoyed using some of my vintage glassware to make decorations, most of the items I used were found in charity shops and cost very little to buy, it doesn’t take much to build up a collection to use as table and party decorations, as long as you have somewhere to keep them!


3 responses to “Zoë: Halloween Decorations

  1. I love these!!! My decorations have been rather slack this year. I am going to have to make next Halloween an uber-Halloween!!! I might take that black button idea though for a last minute mantlepiece decoration… 🙂

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