Inspiration: Crafty Creatives

Crafty Creatives is a company that runs a craft box subscription service. For £10 a month plus postage you can receive a box full of craft goodies to inspire you for a month of crafting. These boxes will also help you to build a good stash for future projects. This is what you can expect a box to look like.

Their blog provides ideas for things to make with the contents of your box, of course you can use these ideas for inspiration of things to make with your own materials too!

Image from Crafty Creatives



2 responses to “Inspiration: Crafty Creatives

  1. Interesting idea. Will be interested to see how well this new company does. I already have so many things on the go so this idea is not for me, however I can see how it might appeal to people who want to make things but just need the inspiration.

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