Book Review: Embroidery

This review was written by Margaret S


Book Title: Embroidery

Author: Dorothy Wood

Mark out of ten: 8

What is it in particular that you like about this book?

Very clear pictures of embroidery stitches from the easiest to more difficult. There are beautiful colour pictures of the finished pieces.

Would you say this was a suitable book for novices, or do you need some prior knowledge to really enjoy the projects on offer?

This book would suit a beginner, but also has more challenging embroidery eg. Goldwork and machine embroidery.

Have you completed any of the projects? If so, how simple were they to follow? Did you encounter any difficulties? Were the instructions clear and intuitive?

I have finished the Blackwork sampler but decided to use some of my own ideas as I could not stick to a rigid plan. Blackwork instructions were clear, but there weren’t patterns for everything pictured. You can read more about Margaret’s sampler here.

Did this book improve your skill set?


Did this book inspire you create your own designs?


Any other comments?

I want to try the Goldwork but will do more Blackwork first.


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