Organising Scrapbook Supplies

Since I started scrapbooking earlier this year, I have done an excellent job of collecting up interesting bits of paper and things to use as embellishments, as well as pictures, leaflets, and tickets that I want to keep. However, that is all I have managed to do and they have become such a mess I have even lost my Pritt Stick somewhere in the piles of stuff.

Luckily for me, Zoe W passed on this blog post that could see an end to my mess, assuming I can follow some of these tips. This post is from I Heart Organizing and I think it is some of the most organised craft supplies I have ever seen. I want these neat piles instead of a big mess!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You sit down to scrapbook and spend the first hour sorting through pictures and trying to decide what to work on, then maybe another 20 or 30 minutes trying to figure out a layout and which paper and embellishments to use. Three hours later you’ve used up all your allotted crafting time and you only have one layout to show for it. Or maybe you’re the crafter who is so far behind and feels so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start and it’s entirely taken the enjoyment out of the experience.

Read the rest of the article here.

Image from I Heart Organizing


2 responses to “Organising Scrapbook Supplies

  1. Lol – I hear this from every scrapper i meet. There are two hobbies here – collecting and scrapping and the third is reorganising your supplies on a continuous round!! Still I have a lot of fun with it all and teach class too – so if you are ever interested my classes are in warwickshire – drop me a line you have my email 🙂

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