Inspiration: Craft Kits

If you are new to crafts or want to try a particular craft getting a kit is a good way to start. I have quite a few (pictured below) that I will hopefully get round to soon!

Clothkits make a range of kits from toys to clothes.

Cross stitch and tapestry are commonly worked from kits, modern needlepoint designs are available from designers such as Emily Peacock and Felicity Hall.

If you fancy trying needle felting Woolpets have a range of animal kits, I really want to try one of these.

House of Crafts produce an extensive range of kits covering many different crafts.

Alicia Paulson’s  Rosy Little Things shop has kits for her Winterwood ABCs Cross Stitch sampler ad watch out for her latest Christmas ornament kit which will hopefully be released in September. She only sells a limited number of the kits in September also and she sells the patterns all year round.

If you have tried any kits that you would recommend, do share them with us!



2 responses to “Inspiration: Craft Kits

  1. I have just opened my embroidery book looking for inspiration and found ‘blackwork’ and ‘goldwork’ instructions. Have sent for Aida 14 count white fabric 10″ x 15″ as a background and intend to make a blackwork stitch sampler as pictured in my book. Will bring it all next time as I have made a second name badge at home, smaller than my first one which my daughters laughed at. Goldwork looks a bit too advanced for me to dive into.

  2. Aww, Clothkits brings back memories 🙂 We had several of the dolls as children; I was so excited to hear they’d relaunched. Maybe I’ll try one myself for old time’s sake 🙂 I always quite fancy the kits for crafts I’ve never tried before, like candle-making.

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