Workshop: Fabric Corsage

This week we held a workshop making fabric corsages from scraps of fabric. These simple corsages are fun and a good way of using up scraps of fabric. We were using left over fabric in the club stash, but you could put more thought into your fabric choices to make a corsage to go with a particular out fit, or on a bag. Above are some of the corsages we made on Wednesday evening.

To make a corsage like ours you need 5 pieces of fabric about 10cm square and a button.

  1. Layer your squares and secure them with a few stitches at the centre. Consider the colours and patterns of your fabric and arrange them in the order you want before stitching them together.
  2. Cut a small circle out of the top layer, judging the size of this circle based on the button you have chosen for the centre.
  3. Continue  cutting circle from the other layers; each circle should be slightly larger than the one before.
  4. To make a more flower-like shape, create some small folds. Do this by folding your corsage in half (right-sides together) and pinch a fold roughly 1cm-2cm from the centre.  Stitch the pinched fold  in place.
  5. Repeat this process by refolding the fabric circles to create new folds all the way around. You will achieve a more puckered, wrinkled effect on the front by catching more fabric in your stitches on the pinched folds.
  6. Stitch a large button in place in the centre of the flower on the front. This helps to hide your stitches.
  7. Stitch a brooch fastener onto the back.

This corsage is based on a design from Fabric Jewellery: 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Ribbon, Buttons and Beads by Teresa Searle.


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