Zoe W: Shoe Make-Over

I bought a cheap pair of cotton shoes that charmed me in the shop, but by the time I’d got them home I was convinced they looked like slippers for an old lady to wear around the house.  So I had a think about what I could do to jazz them up a bit.

First of all I raided my button box and found some buttons the same colour as the printed roses on the shoes.  I wanted some straps to help keep them on, and some navy grosgrain suited the bill.  I had some little white plastic slider things (no idea what to call them, but they are a bit bigger than ones you might get on a bra strap) and some velcro.

I sewed the buttons along the front of each shoes with double thread, then started at one end and sewed each one again just to make sure it was secure.  I had planned to dab each thread with glue, but they seemed secure enough.

I lay the grosgrain across the shoes and planned how I’d make the strap work.  I cut them to length, and melted the ends slightly with a lighter to make sure it didn’t fray.  I then sewed one end on the outside of the foot and the little slider on the opposite side before threading it through and back towards the outside again.  A little velcro on the outside of the shoe and the corresponding piece on the end of the grosgrain, finished off with a matching button to make sure it didn’t slide back through the slider.

If I was to do it again I’d make the straps a little shorter and probably place them a little further forward, but otherwise I was pleased with the final results.

Maddie (like her brother Quincy) likes to sleep on my bag, and wasn’t keen on moving so I could take a photo.  I think she approves though.

2 responses to “Zoe W: Shoe Make-Over

  1. Great idea – I put buttons around the rim of a sunhat 2 years. Just bought a 3 inch belt buckle from ebay and intend to make a belt from some heavy cotton fabric then embroider on it. Need to finish my wall hanging and crochet table mat first though.

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