Zoë: Recycling a Christmas Tree

You might remember the knitted Christmas tree project my mum was involved in last Christmas. After the tree was taken down they were left with hundreds and hundreds of knitted leaves to do something with.

I have used some of the odd-shaped leaves and turned them into a blanket. It might seem a shame to undo something that has already been made, but I think it is better to use the yarn again than having it sitting around doing nothing.

Unravelling each leaf wasn’t too time-consuming and I only had seven or eight different shades on the go at once so I just unravelled them when I needed more.

I made granny squares with seven rows, the seventh row on each square is grey using yarn I have actually bought for this purpose. I then stitched the squares together to make a blanket six square by nine squares.


I added an edging of two rows of grey then three rows in different shades of green and finally another two rows of grey.

Some of the shades of green are not very attractive colours, but all combined together the overall random greens look very good. I am hoping to help my mum recycle some more of the Christmas Tree in this way.

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