Zoë: Lavender Hexagons

I made some hexagonal lavender bags. They are really quick and easy to make; just follow this tutorial. I started with a pile of pretty vintage fabric scraps. You don’t need very much fabric so it is a good way to use up left-overs from other projects.

To start your lavender bag, make a paper, card or plastic template of the shape you want.  I used a hexagon with a side length of 5.5cm. Using your template, cut out your fabric. You need two pieces for each lavender bag.

Take two pieces of fabric and with right sides together stitch round the edge leaving an opening of about 3cm on one side. I left a seam allowance of 0.5cm and stitched them by machine. You can also stitch them by hand. If you are stitching by hand, use a backstitch and try to keep your stitches quite small so the lavender doesn’t come out.

Clip the corners but make sure you stay about 2mm from the stitches. Clipping the corners makes it easier to get a good sharp point when you turn it the right way out.

Turn the bag the right way out, you might need to push the corners out with scissors or knitting needle (or a chopstick!) to get a sharp point. Fill the bag with dried lavender. I made a paper cone to make it easier to get the lavender through the small opening. I filled my bags about half full.

To finishes the bag fold the edges of opening inside and whip-stitch it shut. Try to keep your stitches small so they can’t been seen.

I made five lavender hexagons in about an hour, this a is nice quick project. You can follow these instructions to make a lavender bag in any shape or size.


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