Top Tip Tuesday: Craft Storage Ideas

Here are just a few ideas to get your craft supplies under control:

  • Look for a spice rack in local charity shops to store all your glitters, fiddly embellishments, paint or glue;
  • Use baskets or mesh bins to put different projects in so you can carry them around the house;
  • DIY shops are great places to look for storage solutions, especially in the sales. A tool caddy, or tool chest can be used for your craft supplies – a bit of patterned paper can soon cheer up an otherwise utilitarian-looking tool box!
  • Make use of the wall space near your crafting area (if you are lucky enough to have one) – wall-mounted organisers for shoes or post are just as useful for fabric or paper;
Zoe W will be sharing with us tomorrow how she transformed some simple wooden drawers with blackboard paint to make a great organisation solution.

Do you have any more craft organisation tips you can share? Comment here or head on over to the café and start a new topic!


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