Zoë S: Baby Play Mat

I have been working on this project for a while. I decided to make a baby play mat as I knew a few people having babies and thought it would be a quick project. I made the patchwork top last summer and it has taken me until now to finish it off. I didn’t spend too much time making it when I was actually working on it.

The top is a simple machine stitched patchwork made from five inch squares that came as a pre-cut pack.

I used some red fabric for the backing and hand quilted it with a simple in the ditch quilting following the seams. I used a red thread that matched the backing fabric. This was a really good project for practising hand quilting. I was only going in straight lines and there wasn’t too much fabric to work with meaning I could concentrate on my quilting technique.

I bound the quilt with bias binding as I have lots of it and wanted to use some up. I think the colour works well with the overall effect of the mat.


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