Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Martha has a great list of Father’s Day crafts. I particularly like:

  • the custom retro labels. You can use these to dress up your dad’s favourite foods and drinks;
  • the embroidered linen tie – a great way of making a generic ‘Dad’ present a bit more special;
  • a travel car kit – great if your dad travels a lot. You can add all the things he might need in the car;
  • a travel collage to make a special trip a piece of art.

You could also make something that I made for my dad for his birthday – personlised co-ordinates graphic art.


  1. I found the co-ordinates for his house using iTouch Map.
  2. I then created a square image in MS Paint and edited in Picasa (all free programs) using the add text function which I find better than the Paint one.  If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can use this too.  You could do this as a landscape or portrait rectangle if you prefer.
  3. Simply choose the fonts and colours you like, changing the orientation so it is visually pleasing.
  4. Then put it in a frame (Dad’s one was from Paperchase) and voilà.

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