Zoë S: Sewing Box Collection

Over the years I have acquired quite a collection of sewing boxes. One on my favourites is a wooden fold-out box. I think it is from the first half of the 20th century; I am not sure of the exact date. This was a present from my parents. I love the contrast of the two different woods and it is a lovely size. I keep lots of my vintage sewing items in this one.

The box that gets the most use is a relatively uninteresting wooden fold out box, I think my mum picked this up cheaply, but decided she didn’t want it. I use this one in the living room to try and keep my sewing bits tidy.

This leather topped basket was a recent gift from my granny, she moved into a smaller house and decided she didn’t have room for everything. As a child I always loved looking through all the boxes my granny has, and she has quite a few of them. Even recently I wasn’t allowed to look through them without supervision, she thinks I might take something home with me! So it was a lovely surprise to be given one of her boxes.

This patchwork box was made for me by my mum, we often set ourselves challenges to make something for each other; this was the result of one of those challenges.

I love the Cath Kidston cottage boxes, but they are a lot of money and I don’t really need one. I found this cute cottage box at a boot fair for £1. I still didn’t need it but at least it was cheap!  I added some extra details, flower buttons and a little dog, to make it a little more interesting.

I recently bought this fantastic retro orange and white plastic box. I love this as a sewing box, but it also fits in so well with all my other 1960s and 1970s items.

My first sewing box was a Fisher Price kit where you made a tapestry design on the lid. It is only small so I soon grew out of it.

I am sure that my sewing box collection will keep growing.


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