Meetup: Scrapbook Sit ‘n’ Sew

I had a lovely evening on Wednesday as we gathered to scrapbook together or do any other project that was on the go.  We were joined by two new members and some others that have only been once or twice as well as some regular faces. We had a great chat about scrapbooking with Zoe W showing the uninitiated how she scrapbooks. We talked about quilting and where to buy fabric. We even had a rather unexpected discussion about female urinals! I am not sure how that came about!

I had planned on working on my baby journal but realised how far behind I had gotten with my hand-written journaling. When I got home, I realised that I could incorporate all the online blogging I had done so far for my daughter into the hand-written journal. I found this post from Elise Blaha particularly useful for using Photoshop Elements to format blog posts for printing.

In fact, I plan on making mini-scrapbooks like Elise’s instead of the larger ones and if there is interest, I might even run a future workshop once I have figured out how! Leave a comment if this is something you would like to see.

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