Top Tip Tuesday: Pre-Cut Fabric Packs

If you want to get into quilting but don’t know where to start, you might want to try buying layer cakes, charm packs or jelly rolls. These are pre-cut packs in complementing patterns from the same fabric range so you know the fabrics will go together. It also saves some time with the cutting and it takes away some of the worry about cutting into new fabric!

A Layer Cake is 42 10″ x 10″ squares.

A charm pack is 42 5″ x 5″ squares.

A jelly roll is a pack of 40-42 2.5″ x 44″ strips.

Some packs may vary in the actual number of blocks and strips so check that before you buy if you are following a particular pattern. Working with a layer cake, charm packs or jelly rolls means working on an easier scale, especially if you are new to patchwork or quilting.

You can find ‘recipes’ for your pre-cut packs at Moda Bake Shop. There are also a ton of video tutorials on YouTube. I particularly like the ones from Missouri Star Quilt Co as they are very clearly explained.

I will be making a quilt using their Double Slice Layer Cake pattern with the Walk in the Woods layer cake I just bought from the excellent The Fabric Loft (seriously great service, BTW).


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