Zoë: Nature Study Embroidery

During a recent holiday in Wales my mum and I decided to make some kind of collage or embroidery inspired by the countryside around us. Having a view like this from our cottage helped!

We collect up some twigs, leaves, sheep’s wool and other natural items we found on our outings.

Helpfully, my mum had packed some embroidery hoops all ready with some plain calico, we also found some other matierials such as tourist information leaflets, tin foil and various embroidery threads.

I found an illustration of a bird on a leaflet and decided to make an embroidery based around the idea of a bird in a tree. The silver foil made me think of the moon shining down. The idea is that you are looking through the trees and see a bird illuminated by the moonlight.

I would have done things differently if I had been at home with my complete stash, but I wanted to produce a finished embroidery within a short space of time and with limited materials to see what I could come up with. I am pleased with what I managed to do.


5 responses to “Zoë: Nature Study Embroidery

  1. The simplicity of the finished piece is so striking and what a lovely way to remember your holiday

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