Zoë: Vintage Footstool

I picked up a vintage footstool for a few pounds last summer, I liked the orange 1970s fabric, but I really wanted to make it my own by making it a new cover.  I worked out the size of the top panel and drew round the stool to get the curved corners right. I used a purple wool fabric for the top panel. To make the rest of the cover I cut a strip of vintage fabric long enough to go all round the sides and wide enough to go down the side and under the bottom of the stool.

I felt that the plain coloured wool fabric on the top was a bit boring so I cut a flower from the design of the vintage fabric and appliquéd it onto the panel.

I stitched the strip of vintage fabirc around the top panel, making sure the curves were neat, and joined the strip together where the two ends met.

To finish the cover, and make sure it stays on, I folded under a hem and stitched elastic around it as I went. The cover easily fits over the stool and stays on. I can make lots of different covers in this way if I want and still revert to the original fabric if I prefer.


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