Member’s Blogs

We hope you enjoy reading the sew make believe blog and thought we should mention our member’s blogs. Many of our member’s have blogs that you might be interested in reading, for example our club founders Kate and Caroline.

Caroline blogs at Secondhand Shopper where you can keep up to date with her crafting, clothes and cultural outings. Kate has a varied personal blog at all five horizons, and documents her journey through motherhood at Mama Kate.

It feels a little bit wrong to mention my own blog, but I will anyway! I blog at Zoë’s Crafts, I mainly write about my craft projects, the vintage items I find, and any interesting day trips we have.

Links to all our members blogs are listed on the righthand side of our blog page. If you are a member with a blog that isn’t included and you would like us to add it, please give us the details and we will pop you on the list.

Reading the blogs of fellow members allows you to get to know each other better and keep up with each other is up to between meetings, this is especially good if you don’t make it to a meeting or two. Have fun reading a few new blogs, over a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake of course!


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