iPhone Craft Apps

I recently wrote about Lion Brand Yarn’s iPhone app, this time I am going to give you a quick run down of the other craft apps I have tried and how useful they are. I have only been playing around with the apps that are available free. I am sure there are lots of good paid apps available too.

Craft Gawker, is very good for inspiration, I have already found a couple of projects I would like to try and I discovered some new blogs to follow. Craft Gawker is a website too so you can still be inspired if you don’t have the app.

Quilting Calc from Robert Kaufman Fabrics is very useful for working out how much fabric you need for different types of patchwork and for working out how much binding you need for a quilt.

Camera and photo apps such as Instagram can be used to give pictures interesting effects, you can then print them out for use in craft projects such as card making, or scrapbooking.

Row Counter is very useful for knitting, I normally mark down how many rows I have done on a scrap of paper, but this simple app is brilliant. All you need to do is tap it at the end of a row and it increases the row count.

There are a number of apps for recording your sewing or knitting projects, patterns and materials. None of these have seemed very useful for me, but they are available if you want to try them.

You can access electronic subscription for magazines or buy individual copies. I have checked out my favourite magazine, Mollie Makes , and looked at all the other different craft titles that are available. There is an impressive range. When I checked a few weeks ago Future Publishing had free issues of their titles available from their launch on Newsstand, this was a limited offer so my apologies if you are unable to get them. I downloaded all of the free copies so if I am every caught without a book I have something to read. The magazines would be much easier to read on an iPad although it isn’t too bad on the smaller iPhone screen.

If anyone has experience of any Android craft apps and would to tell us about them, please get in touch.


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