Zoë: Patchwork Rescue

I like to rescue unfinished pieces of patchwork when I see them in charity shops. A few years ago I bought a square panel that had obviously taken someone quite a while to make, it seems such a shame that it wasn’t being enjoyed. I took it home and made it into a simple cushion to use in my craft room.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a wonderful charity shop, that was like a cross between an interesting boutique and an Aladdin’s cave of vintage and craft items. There was a chest of drawers with an enticing label saying to look in the drawers for pretty fabrics. I dived in for a good rummage and found this patchwork panel.

Of course it being hexagons and made from vintage fabrics I had to buy it. As it is unfinished I can do so many different things with it, however, I am not really sure what those things are! If you have any suggestions please let me know or this unloved panel will just end up sitting in a drawer in my craft room when I would much rather be enjoying it.


2 responses to “Zoë: Patchwork Rescue

  1. I recognise two of the fabrics as mid to 1980s Laura Ashley.
    How about something different like making a slip cover for a hard-backed notebook, or making a zipped pouch?

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