Tutorial: Neat Bias Corners

I have been making with bias binding a LOT lately – whether on coasters, place mats or pouches, I have gone through METRES of the stuff. And with every coaster providing four corners to practice on, I have become pretty confident with mitred corners.

So, here’s my tutorial detailing how I keep my corners neat when working with bias binding.

Step 1: Sew almost to the end of the row, with right side of the bias binding against the right side of the fabric. (I’m using a contrasting thread to show the steps, yours should match the bias binding.) Stop roughly as far from the end as you are in from the edges, if possible.

mitred corners

Step 2: Fold the binding so that it is at a right angle to the side you’ve been working along, then back to run parallel to the bottom edge.

Step 3: Stitch through the folded binding, right in the corner.

Step 4: Continue around the edge, repeating this step at each of the three corners you encounter.

This tutorial isn’t about finishing off your binding – we’ll save that for another day! So let’s skip straight ahead to the next stage, with the binding folded over to the opposite side of the project.

Step 5: Attach the binding as you usually would, right up to the end of the row.

Step 6: Sew back through the binding at a point equal to the binding overhang. You’ll find the binding automatically folds itself into a corner. Use your fingers to ensure this fold is crisp. You can press the fold if you like, but I seldom find I need to.

Step 7: Fold the corner in, and sew through catching both edges and the fabric.

Step 8: And voilà – crisp, neatly bound corners!


One response to “Tutorial: Neat Bias Corners

  1. This is beautifully explained and I must add, the best example I have seen. A very neat and tidy finish.

    Thank you,


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