Meetup: Maple Leaf Workshop Part Two

On Wednesday, I ran the second part of the Maple Leaf Patchwork Workshop. It was a lovely evening, a little more relaxed than the first workshop. I spent my time cutting wadding for people, getting people started on the next stages and eating Zoe’s yummy oat biscuits. You should definitely make some of these; in fact before we get started, let’s get the important business out of the way:

Zoë’s Oat Biscuits

100g margarine
75g caster sugar
A few drops of vanilla extract/ essence
1 tsp golden syrup
3 tsp hot water
100g self raising flour
50g oats

  • Pre heat oven to 160 °C
  • Cream margarine, sugar, vanilla, syrup and water, by hand or with a mix
  • Stir in oats and flour until combined
  • Put teaspoon sized blobs on greased baking tray
  • Cook for 10-15 minutes
  • Be a good person by sharing at least some of them!

Back to the workshop, while some finished off the patchwork top, others set to work assembling the layers of the quilt sandwich and started on hand-quilting. I will share the second part of the tutorial with you soon along with a video tutorial on hand-quilting.


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