Crochet Characters

Zoe W sent me the link to this Discworld crochet from Planet June, rather than just sharing this one piece of crochet with you I thought it would be fun to find some other crochet or knitted characters.

I noticed these knitted zoo keepers in the Metro, I love the idea of someone knitting all her colleagues.

Evil Crochet Genius’s has made all the different Doctors for a complete collection of Dr Who figures. Here is the current Doctor.

There are lots of Star Wars characters recreated in yarn, these are my favourites. You can buy the patterns for twelve different characters from  lucyravenscar on Etsy.

My favourite crochet figures are my own crochet Edward and Bella from Twilight. My sister made them for me from her own design.


4 responses to “Crochet Characters

  1. Hi! I was wondering if it was possible to get the patter used for Edward and Bella dolls? I would love to make them as a Christmas gift to a friend who is a huuuge fan, and these are BY FAR the best looking dolls I’ve seen! Thank you.

    • Hi Mari, glad you like the Bella and Edward dolls, unfortunately they were a one off my sister made. There is no pattern as she makes them up as she goes!

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