Top Tip Tuesday: Fabric Scraps

My current patchwork project is going to require a large variety of fabrics as I want lots of different colours and patterns. This is good as I can use up some of my many small scraps of fabric. I have lots of fabric left over from other projects as well as small pieces that I have bought over the years. However, I don’t have enough of some colours to get the effect I am looking for, this has led me to look around to see what is available in the way of packs of scraps.

If you are starting a patchwork project and want lots of different fabrics scraps packs are a good way to go as even fat quarters can sometimes be too big. My favourite kind of scrap packs are those that are proper off cuts and leftovers that wouldn’t be much use for anything else and aren’t just a bigger piece of fabric cut into small squares, although I do love a pack of charm squares!

Donna Flower has lovely vintage fabric packs

Anna Maria Horner sells scrap packs leftover from projects, I had one of these before and the fabric has featured in a number of my projects.

Spinsters emporium has some packs of vintage fabrics

Rag Rescue another site selling vintage fabrics

Sleeping Bear sells packs of good sized scraps

Etsy and Folksy are good places to look, and of course there is always eBay.

I have bought some lovely packs of scraps from Decorative Cloth in Leamington Spa, and you can sometimes find scraps in charity shops. If you have crafty friends why not ask them to save their scraps for you, or swap your scraps with each other if they are also working on some patchwork. My mum has a bag that she puts her scraps into for me, this has given me lots of extra colours and patterns, and saved small bits of fabric from being wasted!


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