Sewing Machine Covers

Making a sewing machine cover can be a practical project to protect your machine when it isn’t being used, and it can also be a good way to use up fabric from your stash or try out a new technique such as patchwork or applique.

Caroline recently made her own sewing machine cover:


Both my chap and I have old Singer sewing machines, which are on display in the conservatory, but my modern Brother machine sits on the top shelf in its ugly plastic cover, ruining the effect. I decided it was high time I made a more in-keeping outfit for my most oft-used sewer!

I found some fabric in my stash and some matching binding. I also used a plain, undyed cotton lining to help it hold shape, and fleece from a blanket from a well-known Swedish furniture store to create a soft lining.

I used the plastic cover as a guide, but you could measure your machine itself. I made one large piece to go over the top of the machine, then two smaller pieces for the sides. The longest side of your main piece should be the same in length as the sum of 2 x length and 1 x width of the smaller end pieces. I also cut a handle from some off-cuts, but this is not necessary!

I then sandwiched all my fabric and machine-quilted diagonals. I assembled the pieces so that the seams were on the fleecy, lining side. I then handstitched bias-binding along the lining seams and finally along the bottom edges, and voila! One sewing machine cover!

This probably took me about 5 hours in total to make – a nice project for a rainy Sunday afternoon!


Here are a selection of tutorials I found online. You will need to make adjustments to fit your own machine. I like the simple flat covers that tie at the sides: less chance of making a mistake when measuring to fit your machine!

This cover made from a patchwork of vintage fabrics is my favourite from all those I have found. This pattern is from Mollie Makes.

I also found: a simple modern fabric cover from Chez Larsson; a free pattern from Husqvarna, this one has useful pockets on the front; and a cover with a patchwork applique design on it from Ellison Lane Quilts.


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