Kate: Felt Decorations

In a burst of productivity, I managed to finish the decorations set which I have had knocking about since Oct 2009 in just one month! These are from Alicia Paulson’s Rosy Little Things webshop and I love them.

This was my first time working with beads. I had expected it to be really fiddly but in fact, I found it quite gratifying to work with the pretty beads and sequins which look so good against the felt. The patterns are so easy to follow and you can choose how closely you follow them. I chose not to make my cottage two-sided as I had just had enough of the process and where I hang them, you can’t see the back anyway.  I can always add more features at a later date and there was plenty left-over felt, thread and beads so cover any mistakes and bolster my embroidery stash!

I need a break from Christmas decorations now so I am off to tackle something else from my Make List. Perhaps I will quilt my maple leaf block for my sampler quilt or maybe I will start designing the wall hanging for our lounge which will be inspired by this one. I have already bought the fabric which includes the one below from the Circa 1934 by Cosmo Cricket range for Moda Fabrics.

3 responses to “Kate: Felt Decorations

  1. These look great. I like the addition of the beads and sequins. Just give it that extra 3D effect. You’re all set for Christmas and it’s only February!

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