Zoë: Tie Cushion

I have made a cushion by recycling some of my husband’s old ties. These were ones he no longer liked or those that had seen better days. I was inspired by the book The Shirt off His Back that I reviewed recently. As well as a big pile of old shirts to use, I had quite a collection of ties! I had also seen a pattern to make a cushion from ties in Sew Eco magazine, but I was put off this project as you had to deconstruct the ties first. I didn’t want to do more than a little bit of cutting. Here is how I made this cushion:

First cut the ties into lengths; mine were 50cm long for a 40cm cushion pad. I left plenty of extra length so the edges could be tidied up at the end. I was able to get two pieces from each tie. Lay out the pieces so the diagonals sit together to make a roughly square panel.

Lay the pieces side by side on the sewing machine (rather than overlapping them) and zig zag to hold them together, this is really quick and works really well. I used thread in a contrasting colour to make it look more interesting.

Trim the edges of the panel to make a square slightly bigger than your intended cushion pad. I made mine 42cm for a 40cm cushion pad. This is to leave some seam allowance.

Cut out a panel for the back from an old shirt. Use the buttons down the middle for an instant opening with no extra work. Old shirts are brilliant for cushion backs.

Lay right sides of the shirt and tie panel together and stitch all the way round. Clip corners, the turn the cover the right way out.

Place the finished cushion on your favourite chair, sit back, and relax!

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