Zoë: Headphones Pouch

This is a simple pouch for a pair of headphones to slip into, there is no fastening to keep it shut which makes it very simple to make. The same idea could be used to protect an iPad, Kindle, laptop, mobile phone etc.

Work out the size of the bag based on your item, measure the length, width and depth. My pouch needed to have 4cm added to the length and width to allow for the depth. Cut out a piece of lining, a piece of the main fabric and a piece of wadding the required length and twice the width.

Layer the pieces as follows:

  •  Lining face up
  •  Main fabric face down
  •  Wadding

Stitch along one long side through all three layers.

If you are using a patterned fabric make sure it is facing the correct way. The top of the pattern for both pieces should point towards this seam.

Trim the wadding close to the seam. Open out the lining and main fabric with the wadding still on back of the main fabric, fold in half lengthways with the right sides together.

Stitch down the long edge and across the short edge of the main fabric, leave the other end open. Again trim the wadding close to the seam, clip the corners and turn the right way out.

Slip stitch or machine stitch the open shut on the lining.

Fold the lining inside the main fabric and wadding. Top stitch the opening to hold in place the pouch is then ready to use.

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