Tutorial: Maple Leaf Block

Following on from the workshop on Wednesday, I thought I would share how to make the maple leaf block that we were working on.

First of all, let’s talk about fabric requirements: you will need 3 fabric colours – 1 for the leaf, 1 for the background and 1 for the border strips (plus 1 extra for the stem or you can use the leaf fabric).

Leaf fabric: 15″ x 10″ (30cm x 25cm) – includes stem
Background fabric: 15″ x 10″ (30cm x 25cm)
Border fabric: 11″ x 9″ (28cm x 23cm)


  • Press your fabric pieces.
  • On the wrong side of each fabric, draw around the templates provided in the workshop* using a sharp marking pencil.  You will need to mark out the following shapes:
  1. Leaf Fabric:
    • 3 x Square A
    • 4 x Triangle B
    • 1 x Stem C
  2. Background Fabric:
    • 2 x Square A
    • 4 x Triangle B
    • 2 x Triangle D
  3. Border Fabric:
    • 2 x Rectangle E
*If you couldn’t make the workshop, leave a comment or email me to ask about the templates

NB: Pencil line is the sewing line. You need to allow at least 1/2”  between each shape in order to have a 1/4” seam allowance for each shape. You will be cutting 1/4” from the pencil line.

  • Cut out each shape, adding a 1/4” seam allowance either by eye or using a measure / ruler / quilter’s quarter.
  • Arrange the cut pieces on a flat surface (excluding the border for now).
  • Assemble the pieces in this order:
  1. sew together triangles to form squares
  2. sew together small triangles and stem to form a square
Place right sides together, matching up the sewing line / pencil line. Use a pin to align the starting point ensuring it is exactly at the start on each side. Push the pin through both layers then repeat for the finish. When they are both in the right place on both sides, secure the pins at right angles to the seam. Add more pins along the seamline to secure .

  • Start sewing with a double stitch, sew along the pencil line with small running stitches, loading several stitches on the needle at a time.

  • Once you have all your 9 squares, start assembling horizontal rows using pins to mark the start and end as before.
  • Attach the rows using the same method. Pin as before and start sewing. Backstitch at the end of the square and pass the needle through the seam allowance, then backstitch at the start of the next square and sew on, repeating this at each join.
  • Attach a border strip to the left side of the block.
  • Attach a square to the other border strip.
  • Attach these to the bottom of the block.
  • Press both sides, pressing the seams to one side, NOT open.
  • Measure and trim the finished block if necessary – its should measure 12 1/2” . If you do need to trim, only trim the border strips, not the 9-patch block. Tidy all the edges.

You can now make this block into a quilt with several other blocks (either more maple leaves or different designs) or into a cushion, bag, wall-hanging etc. I will be quilting mine and adding it to the 2 others I have so far to make a sample quilt. I am using a quilt-as-you-go method – more on this soon!

Part 2 of the Tutorial can be found here.


3 responses to “Tutorial: Maple Leaf Block

  1. I’m a newbie to quilting and already fascinated by the endless possibilites of designs. This one is great. Really neat job. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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