Review: Lion Brand Yarn app

I recently bought myself an iPhone and to make the most of my new gadget, I have been trying out some of the craft apps that are on offer. I have only been looking at free apps to start with, my favourite one so far is from Lion Brand Yarn. The main screen is really clear; just select all the options you want and it returns a list of patterns fitting your criteria.

The results are shown with pictures making it easy to see which ones you might be interested in. Choose the pattern you want to try and click on it for the full instructions. To make it easier to use there are tabs so the information isn’t all crammed into one screen. There is a picture and information about the pattern, a guide to materials, and finally the instructions themselves.

The instructions are easy to follow, even on the relatively small screen of my phone.

Using this app would be even better on an iPad, for which there is a full screen version. I am very pleased with this app so far, but have yet to try out a pattern on it. I think I will find it very useful for on-the-go crafting. Once I try out more crafty apps I hope to bring you my top five, so watch this space!


3 responses to “Review: Lion Brand Yarn app

  1. I also like the Lionbrand app. Did you see tou can even Tweet or send to Facebook the patterns you like, right from the app? Between this app and Instagram Im never without my iPhone.

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