Caroline: Pouf Project

Since I moved house at the end of October I have become slightly obsessed with crafting for the home. I have made napkins and handkerchiefs, tea towels and coasters, and have started to expand into soft furnishings too.

I had wanted to make a pouf for quite some time, and had downloaded a tutorial from Design*Sponge. I had bought the longest needle I could find on ebay at 8 inches, which proved too short to complete the pumpkin effect, but if I’m honest, I rather like it as is! I had extended the length of the pattern pieces to make it taller anyway, so am not sure it would have worked quite as intended.

Overall, I’m really rather pleased with it! So much could have gone wrong – the segments could not have matched up either in the centre or at the sides, the lining fabric could have ended up smaller or larger than the outer, I could have assembled the segments in the wrong order… But I didn’t!

I stuffed it with a combination of newspaper and carrier bags, making a double-layered felt lining first to ensure it was soft to sit upon. This fell in neatly with my taste for recycling, as carrier bags are one of those household waste products that are in no short supply, even in our canvas-bag-bearing house!


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