Cool Craft Blog: Sewaholic


I’ve been following Sewaholic for a while and it’s such a great blog I wanted to share.

Who writes this blog?

This blog is written by Tasia, a sewist, designer and blogger from Vancouver.

What crafts are covered by this blog?

Tasia mainly posts about dressmaking but she is also a newly converted knitter, and also posts tutorials and general articles like buying fabric from the internet, making time to sew, and how your crafting affects your other half. She is the designer of a line of clothing for pear-shaped women (also called Sewaholic, and sold through her website and on a number of UK sites).

How often are new items posted?

Tasia generally posts every week day on a variety of topics.

What can we expect from a typical post?

Lovely chatty style, clear instructions in tutorials, interesting write-ups of finished projects, and great photos. Plus write-ups of discussions from readers of earlier posts which are really enlightening.

What do you like most about this blog?

The chatty style – you can’t help but feel that you know and like Tasia and appreciate more all the trials and rewards of starting a small business. She’s very generous with sharing tips and tutorials, and accompanies it all with beautiful photos of Vancouver and her sunny smiling self. I find her posts both useful and inspiring and I’ve learned a lot about dressmaking techniques.


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