Caroline: Tabletop Saver

One of the projects I have undertaken as part of my new-home-nesting kick is to create tabletop savers, runners and hot pads to ensure all the lovely wooden surfaces in my new home stay lovely! The coffee table in the living room takes more of a beating than most, and so was my primary concern.

I had bought a bundle of wool felt squares from ebay in lovely hand-dyed colours, and decided to patchwork these together as a topper. I assembled them in the same way as described in this felt patchwork throw tutorial from Purl Bee.

I machined them together, then used a contrasting wool to create a decorative stitch effect.

I backed the whole thing in two layers of purple fleece fabric and machine quilted along the joins. To finish off I created an edging in some tweed fabric I seem to have plenty of, and which has therefore sneaked into the draft-excluder and pouf I have made for the same space. The effect is to effectively tie the soft-furnishings together!


One response to “Caroline: Tabletop Saver

  1. Such a good idea and great colours. I am definitely feeling that 2012 is the year for crafting for the home for me. There are so many things I want to make!

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