Lysy: Applique felt cushion

This was a little present I put together for my grandma for Christmas. It’s a really easy idea: just cut out your desired shape in some reasonably sturdy fabric, and then cover it in small pieces of felt. If you use embroidery thread in contrasting colours you can really jazz up the little shapes by using running stitches, embroidering little patterns, and using blanket stitches. I let my pieces of felt overhang the sides of the template and then trimmed around it when they were all in place. I also used proper wool felt leftover from another project, which is nice and thick and has a bit more texture than regular felt – but you could just as easily use the regular sort.

The dog template is based on Cath Kidston’s recurrent ‘Stanley’ design, which I found in her ‘Sew’ book. I added a little bone (since my grandma’s dog has no interest in balls or toys!), and sewed both on to some tweedy wool left from making some trousers. A linen border and backing turned it into a nice cushion.

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